Guerrilla of the Word Presents..Turn Off the Lights: A Night of Poetic Seduction

Turn Off the Lights: A Night of Poetic Seduction

Thursday February 12th
Doors: 8pm
9pm start

Music provided by DJ Marcus

If you are a lover of all things passionate, sensual and sexy we have a treat for you. Bring your most passionate, erotic, panty dropping poems to share (or just come out to listen).

$5 cover with all proceeds going to the
Words by the Water Program: 

For more info or to RSVP contact Paulina 647 227 6614 or guerrillaoftheword@gmail.com


How My New Started Off With A Bang!

So it’s clear I have not been super consistent with this blogging thing. Between 2 kids at home, balancing a poetry career, post partum depression, grant writing and just general life craziness it was definitely hard to keep up. But now that I have child care, working for myself as a poet and arts educator and have tackled my mental health issues (through meds, poetry and a wayyyy healthier diet) I will be back on this thing on a regular.

January was such a blessing and the coming of a new year ushered in a bunch of awesome opportunities as well as being able to see my visions come to fruition. On the 18th, with a whopping 89 out of 90 points I won Dwayne Morgan’s Roots Lounge SLAM. It was the first SLAM I ever won and I was so excited. Even more excited to find out that it put me in a strong position to make this year’s Up From the Roots SLAM team to compete in Nationals this year. This was one of my 2015 goals and now that I am so close to achieving it I am working harder than ever in writing and rehearsing.


Johnny B is the SLAM Champ @ James Culnan Catholic School

In November of 2014 I had the great pleasure of teaching with Lakeshore Arts under their Shazaam: In Focus Program. I was coupled up with a phenomenal photographer, Katherine Fleitas, and together we worked with two grade 8 classes looking at identity through spoken word and photography. Both classes were a lot of fun, and despite the cold weather the photography was amazing and the spoken word was definitely on point. In one of the classes we even had time to do a mini Poetry SLAM competition which was extremely hype and the students were extremely engaged in writing, practicing and performing their pieces.



Words by the Water is kicking off the new year with a bang with the Rep Your Set SLAM.

On Tuesday January 13th we are hosting our first ever SLAM. Rep Your Set is inviting up and coming youth poets (14-29) to sign up and compete for a cash prize of $100. Represent your community and win money – sounds like a win -win.

Sign up at 6pm – SLAM starts at 6:30pm

LAMP CHC – Street Level

185 Fifth Street – 3rd floor Community Room

Food and TTC tokens provided

Vibes provided by DJ Flex of all Trades

For more information contact Paulina – guerrillaoftheword@gmail.com or 647 227 6614


The Tribute

This poem is for the pretty girls
With pretty complexes which are
pretty complex pulled into mix up
Pretty fast and before they knew it became known as being pretty and fast

A poem for all the girls who are prejudged with assumptions because of their ass by assholes who pretend they didn’t just pre cum at the sight of her but can’t even ejaculate a pretty decent greeting besides pssssssstttttt
Really though? Like What ever happened to good evening?