How My New Started Off With A Bang!

So it’s clear I have not been super consistent with this blogging thing. Between 2 kids at home, balancing a poetry career, post partum depression, grant writing and just general life craziness it was definitely hard to keep up. But now that I have child care, working for myself as a poet and arts educator and have tackled my mental health issues (through meds, poetry and a wayyyy healthier diet) I will be back on this thing on a regular.

January was such a blessing and the coming of a new year ushered in a bunch of awesome opportunities as well as being able to see my visions come to fruition. On the 18th, with a whopping 89 out of 90 points I won Dwayne Morgan’s Roots Lounge SLAM. It was the first SLAM I ever won and I was so excited. Even more excited to find out that it put me in a strong position to make this year’s Up From the Roots SLAM team to compete in Nationals this year. This was one of my 2015 goals and now that I am so close to achieving it I am working harder than ever in writing and rehearsing.

Another great thing that happened is that on Tuesday January 13th I hosted my own SLAM. I live and work out in the Lakeshore/South Etobicoke community and we didn’t have much going on around here in terms of spoken word that was consistent. So seeing a need I created the Words by the Water program which runs every Tuesday from 6pm-9pm at LAMP Community Health Center. The first Tuesday of the month we run a SLAM called Rep Your Set where we invite poets from all ends of the city to compete for cash and bragging rights for their hood or set.

Our first on in January was a complete success and we were honored to have Patrick de Belen as our feature poet. Our winner was Cassandra Myers from Richmond Hill (yes people actually came from that far North). It was a beautiful night of poetry but even more importantly I saw youth from my community proud that we were able to create this space and showcase what we have to offer.

Finally on January 10th I hosted an open mic poetry birthday jam as a ways to celebrate my birthday and also raise funds for the Words by the Water program. Thanks to the generous donation of space by James and Melissa at Placebo Space, all the cover from my event went back to the program. We raised $70 that night which is not bad for my first event. I will be running poetry nights on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Placebo Space and cover fees will continue to be donated to sustaining the Words by the Water program. So look out for those and come out and support.

For all of these events I am truly grateful and as I continue to be more consistent on this blog as well as my vision to create a solid community here in the Lakeshore area for the literary arts I am happy to be sharing that journey with all of you. I am happy because I want my story to spark ideas in all of you that whatever you want to do in life can happen…just trust yourself to take that first step off the cliff and fly.

Looking forward to sharing lots of great stuff happening in February so stay tuned.



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