2 Many MCs

2 many Mcs

Not enough mics X 3

Not enough mics, no, not enough mics,


there are not enough mics for the clowns playing MC these days

see to me these days

no respect for the negroe spiritually founded, black panther revolutionary

rootededness that is hip hop

was hip hop

now all that remains is fragments of memory slipped into the same top 40 songs which replay over airwaves in continuous saturation until you robotically recite every word to rythms that don’t require you to really asses what it is you are actually regurgitating

And I understand that trapping may be a way of life for some

But I am starting to feel trapped

listening to music which has us trained to the point we are jumping for joy in clubs to lyrics which literally relay the unraveling of our culture

line by line

Our culture appropriated disrespectfully by the same people who hold us responsible for being reverse racists

when we refuse to react in any way less than respectfully reserved,

profiting of the very same things they simultaneously denounce us for

I am sorry

but there are just not enough mics for the puppets projecting purposely projected propaganda packaged and presented as reality,

when really,

reality was rented for the day,

returned rightfully to the same slave owners who buy and sell contracts and 360 deals,

365 days of the year,

coz exploitation doesn’t believe in a day off, price it right and they just might sell their soul

Missin the days when music used to be Illmatic, Ruff Ryding to rhythms that made me sing Fugee la la la,…yes that’s when I Used to Love Her, when I was down to Put 5 On It, No Diggity just to hear my favorite artists sing about U N I T Y, made me wanna Holla Back Youngin. Even on days when I Can’t Stand the Rain I still lay back and take in my Quiet Storms in peace while I Creep through thoughts about if one day I Ruled the World how I would free all my sons from Hanna Montana twerking on the hoods of their cars, parked in No Flex Zones, too busy Shmoney dancing thinking they some Hot Niggas coz they got shirts made by Versace trying to impress young girls who think Pussy Poppin is now THE prominent profession, and don’t get me wrong coz I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but it’s just saturated the market to the point where young boys are declaring that it Aint nothing to cut a bitch off, as the next two will fall in line, making them think they are so damn awesome coz they just supermaned those hoes and all I can say is No. Raise my fist in the air chanting…

2 many mcs

not enough mics

Not Enough Mics…definitely not enough mics


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