As a response to the disappointing news coming out of Ferguson today where the killer cop Darren Wilson will not be indicted in what was clearly the murder of Mike Brown, Words by the Water dedicated it’s poetry session on Tuesday November 25th 2014 as space where we could write, scream, shout, swear, cry and just talk about how we are feeling. We created a safe space for folks to release all the pent up energy and emotion out into the open. The pieces that will be published in this post are the outcome of this session.


By Paulina O’Kieffe

I’m on fire for Ferguson
My first reaction was to hide my babies, hold them close
but NO
I refuse to live in fear
Refuse to give them the outcome they so desire so I will never bow down
to submit to those who treat me like shit
tell me to sit down and shut up
keep calm in my protests
while they openly use my sons for target practice

They locked up a black man the other day for killing a police dog
But we can’t even get an indictment on a killer cop who clapped a kid in cold blood
So tell me why would I feel like I have anything else to lose

So I’m on fire for Ferguson
my tongue screams
No justice, No Peace
No Racist Police
No more brothers dying from the barrel of a piece
No pieces of my pocket paper flowing into their economy
No more carrying black pain while simultaneously carrying white profit
No more killing our prophets
No more professing why we can’t all just get along when my life is at risk just sharing the same spaces

The chains we are enslaved with are mental, metaphors
but one day soon they will be once again metal bars chaining us together
bound to repeat our past if we continue to choose to line up for Jordans instead of justice, electronics instead of elections
while cop killers are steady getting erections
stroked by the elected officials who bust a nut every time they bust a gun and they manage to bury another one of our seeds
But little do they know they will never succeed
in putting out our flames as we all remain on fire for Ferguson


Team piece by Paulina, Arlene, Selena & Dornell

I fight, I fight, I fight
Fight for Justice
Fight for Peace
Fight for racist police…to be indicted off of cloud 9
charged for murder not applauded for doing their job
Fight for a system that creates jobs where you don’t simultaneously
also need welfare to survive
What is life?
No really, what is the fundamental
screw missing from the minds of racists
must have been connected to their compassion button
now broken like a a system that doles out choke holds with no Maranda rights
for selling cigarettes and breaking up fights
Fight for the right to exist, to breathe, to live
without having to educate my son to put his hands up when they put their hands on him
for no reason other than the color of his skin
Fight for mothers losing babies in playground parks
to those with permission to shoot at will
Fight the power
Fight to regain my power
Fight for my history to be retold properly
Not by the hunter but by black panthers
Telling the tale of the hunt in a different perspective
Illuminating those who honourably fought for their right to exist in peace
Not in pieces of property

I fight for any one of my brothers and sisters
who are downtrodden under the heavy lead footed boot they kick us in our teeth with
Little do they know we can never be silenced
We invented language and forms of communication while they were still hiding in caves
We were out here smellin like roses, they were learning to bathe
We were out here embracing our higher powers and the only reason they have power is because
although we were black skinned, they were the ones with black hearts
ushering in black eras of space and time
So to get back the power i know is my right

I fight,, I fight, I fight!


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