Words by the Water Program: Session 3 (Sept 23rd 2014)

An amazing night of writing, sharing, learning, discussion and jokes.

Today’s program was in a word…DOPE!

Check out some pics and videos of today’s session below.

#HashTagHotTopics was so great tonight. This exercise gets group members to choose the hot topic trends for that day (as seen on Twitter or Facebook) and write pieces about them in 5 mins or less. Today we ended in a hot topic cipher that focused on the following trending topics:

#HeforShe (Emma Watson and her speech on gender equality)

#Selfies (The impact of selfies on society and your personal reputation online)

#CanadianWeather (Hot? Cold? Who knows how to dress for the weather anymore)

#CelebrityNudePhotos (Leaking of celebrity nudes; privacy issues; body ownership; the responses to black celebrity vs white celebrity leaked photos)

Check out the video of today’s cipher

All in all it was a great night and I thank everyone who came through. Looking forward to next week when we focus on stage performance tips and tricks.

And of course we are officially 2 weeks away from our first monthly open mic takingplace October 7th. Mark your calendars poetry lovers and artists because we are about to shake up the Lakeshore community with some really dope poetry, good food and nice vibes (provided by a special guest DJ). Stay tuned for more info.


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