Poems for My Daughter

I write for her

Poetry, monologues, soliloquies, haikus, novels, blog posts
Everything down to twitter feeds
To feed her mind proactively before she heads out to battle

She is only 2 and a half
But time will fly in half the time my mind took to conceive her
Cute Afro puffs turn to long hair, don’t care
Makeup, maybe its Maybeline, made up faces
Going places
With girlfriends, boyfriends, influences
So I write for her
So that she is informed
It makes sense, more knowledge equals better consequences

I write for her
All I know about what she will overcome, understand, overstand
As a woman of color
I write so she knows that she is worth more than whatever it is they will undervalue her at
I write so she will know what her value is at
That her value is more than that of physical features
So when they dissect her she knows her value is the sum of her parts
And individual pieces are not to be sold separately

I write for her so that she will see herself in literature
In history,
Beyond the blacked out lines,
The whited out out lines,
Beyond the lines that never made it down on paper to begin with

I write so that she knows her ancestors contributions, to math, to science, to social justice, to freedom fighting, to art and culture
I write so she will be able to recognize her culture,
So that she is not confused
Caught up in misappropriated images,
Raped, remixed, repackaged and resold to her

I write for her so that she understands that God blessed her with curves in her body Kinks in her hair and even took the time to color within her lines
I write so that she knows that these same blessings will attract weak lines from little boys who use curse words to profess their lust for her
I write so that she knows when worthy partners who will love her and profess it using their most respectful vernacular, real love vocabulary

I write for her so that she will remember me, know me when I am dust
And keep pieces of me with her wherever she goes
I write so when she needs for me to comfort her in these times she need only book mark the page, Google the post or pull up the status feeds

I write for her so our conversations will never end
Even at times when she feels her world may be doing so
I write so she will find strength in her herstory
Peace in her present
And strength to carry on for her future

This is why I write poems for my daughter


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